The funniest tweets from parents this week

Parenting young children is an experience that often produces really funny reflections and observations from parents. From those of us who have been or are still going through this process, its great to read these because we know all about it. Some of the best ones come from Twitter. The brevity of that format lends itself to tight punchy insights that are almost always funny. Here are some of the funniest tweets to whet your appetite.

"I like to send little notes in my kid’s lunchbox, like “Sorry the Wheat Thins are stale, that’s what happens when you leave the box open."

What my wife says: “Wouldn’t it be fun if we all went apple-picking this weekend?”
What I hear: “Wouldn’t it be fun to give someone money so we can spend a whole day doing manual labor as a family?”

"One trait I definitely passed onto my kids is the ability to open the fridge and stare into it for a long period of time."

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