The raw truth about being a single mom

Wow! This is a powerful piece piece of writing and comes straight from the authors heart. It's gut wrenchingly honest and authentic and you will literally feel what the author is going through in your own heart. Rachel Marie Martin writes in the first person and the piece is constructed as an imaginary letter to her children.

"There are many days where I wake up and I think I’ve failed.Let’s just start with that, okay? I just do. Even though life is rightly-ordered now and healthier, this wasn’t the story I had planned for your life. So know I struggle with that, okay? Because sometimes that struggle leaves me in my bathroom, behind the door, with tears in my eyes while you knock on the door saying mom? mom?  You won’t know that because I have this mom superpower of sucking in the emotion and replying with the most normal yes? to you."

single parent

She explains what her life is about and what her life is like. Her experience as a a parent... more specifically a single parent - is something most of us cannot imagine. Parenting a couple is demanding. Parenting as a single parent is a whole new ball game. 

Marie writes straight from the heart and describes and explains to her children what her life is like. She achieves this without a hint of complaint or self pity and her love for her children shines through in every word. You can feel the sincerity and honesty throughout this piece as well as her deep need to communicate the depth of her experience.

Her love for her children shines through always and just the fact that she has written this piece is ample evidence of this. One of the greatest universal human needs is the the need to be understood. I feel after reading this that I do understand (and admire) Marie totally. She is awesome.

Here's another excerpt.

"You are so worth it.

I want you to be proud of me.

I don’t know why that matters, but it kind of does. I watch this shows where kids talk about their moms and they are so proud when they say my mom was a single mom and she did it all. Those adults who realize that are always so proud of their mom, their mom who probably shed all those tears, but they finally see the awesome and giving in her. Because, guys, I really am doing it all for you right now.

You know why?

You are exponentially worth it."

You can read the full article HERE. Also look at how to raise mentally strong kidsits great!

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single parent
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