The problem with online marketing

The idea of working from home and making good money is a tempting prospect. We have all heard about marketers and ‘mommy bloggers’ who work to their own timetable and bring in 4 or even 5 figures a month. They exist for sure and that dream is attainable, but the reality for most people who venture into this is failure. I don’t know what the exact stats are but I’ve heard that less than one person in 20 makes the grade here. I can believe that.

So why do most people fail?

There are many different reasons, but in my opinion there’s one big one. This is the most common cause of failure and it’s a mistake most ‘newbies’ make. What is this reason?

They think they can do it for nothing

They honestly believe they can create a profitable business without spending any money. For some weird reason they believe that online marketing doesn’t conform with any other business model and that you can create a successful business for free.

Where does this idea come from?

It comes from blogging. It comes from an era not that long ago before there were millions of blogs choking up the internet hoping for a bit of organic traffic to justify their existence.

In that era you could get (free) organic traffic and you did stand a chance of building a business around that for very little money. Your blog could form the basis  of a viable business which cost you very little more than the cost of hosting.

But that era has gone. What we have now is the era of the ‘product creator’. These people emerged in response to the advent of limited organic reach. They mostly make fairly crappy information products and software which promise to supply endless amounts of ‘free’ traffic to your blog or offer.

New entrants to internet marketing soon realize that creating a successful blog with good traffic for free is not likely to happen any time soon. They become the victims of the product creators and start buying the juicy sounding traffic products that flow into their inbox on a daily basis. Relatively few of these products work and the irony here is the business they were starting ‘for free’ is now costing them money and still bringing nothing in.

Now I’m not saying that it’s 100% impossible to build a successful blog based internet marketing business in the current era without spending money. What I am saying is that unless you are extremely talented as a writer/marketer and 1000% dedicated to your task – your chances of success are very small.

On top of that you will need to devote huge amounts of time to this. Creating great content takes time and you have to keep it flowing. Fresh content becomes a stone around your neck and you are chained to your computer.

Worst of all you are very dependent on search to bring new traffic to your blog and offers. You can mitigate this by building an email list but again that takes time and successful email marketing is a whole science on its own.

So what am I saying? Let’s get to the point.

Lets go back to the newby arriving fresh and dewy eyed into the online marketing world. In his or her shoes what would I do?

Here’s the recipe

(1) I would sign up with a CPA network specializing in the kind of offer that only requires submission of a name, email address or zip code for me to get paid. This is not always easy as the networks like to know who they’re dealing with but you can generally get in if you persevere. It helps if you have some kind of basic blog or website you can show them. You could get this from Fiverr for around $100.

(2) I would invest in a quality course in how to drive paid traffic to offers. My first choice would be Bing PPC because the clicks are cheaper and they’re not as anal as Google about what they allow or don’t allow. You can get good Bing courses for around $150.

(3) I would also learn as much about Bing PPC as possible from free material on YouTube and other web sources.

(4) I would start running Bing ads to CPA offers on a very small scale. I would run 4 ads with one keyword each and a $5 per day per ad budget.

(5) I would give it 4 days and usually by then at least 1 of the ads would be returning a viable EPC.

(6) I would kill the non performers and gradually increase my budget on the viable ads.

Rinse and repeat. Within a period of 6 to 8 weeks you will be making good money by doing this and you can keep on increasing your ad budget to make more money.

Thats the great thing about this approach. You are in control and you can build it as big as you want. You have created a machine that spits out $2 for every $1 you put in. And you can build as many of them as you want!

Would you rather have that or a ‘successful’ blog that took you 5 years to build and is totally dependent on whether Google still likes you tomorrow?

Here’s a great guide to CPA Marketing (affiliate link) This will be hugely useful in getting you up to speed.


So there’s the problem with online marketing. In my humble opinion there is too much bad advice given to new entrants into this business. Certainly the successful blog and the marketing potential in that will remain an important model in this business. But I don’t think its the best model for newcomers and it will destroy the chances of success for most of them.

By following the method I have just outlined, a newcomer with less than $1000 can be making good money within 6 weeks and its not difficult to do.

And when you do start making some money and the pressure is off… by all means start a blog and creating a web presence in your niche. You’ll make a much better job of it when the financial pressure is off.

Good luck!

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PS. You’ll find another great guide to CPA marketing in the Amazon affiliate link below.

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