Porcelain skin with this home made recipe

Here's a really effective facial treatment you can make for yourself at home. In this post from beautytips4her.com you will learn how to make this treatment and how to use it. The standard of English is not great - but this is a really effective treatment for that porcelain skin look and comes highly recommended.

Porcelain Smooth Skin Facial – Want the smoothest skin ever? Try this skin care facial and be amazed how soft soft, smooth and firm your skin will feel. It will also feel firmer.

If you use it often enough, you could see a decrease in tan and pigmentation. You could also see less uneven skin tone. This is a great homemade skin lightening facial. Also works for reducing wrinkles. This facial also has an exfoliating scrub effect.

The recipe only contains safe and natural ingredients found in most kitchens.  These are:

  • fresh green tea
  • whole fat plain yoghurt
  • baking soda
  • raw honey
smooth skin
smooth skin
smooth skin

"This porcelain skin facial is a great scrub to use before you have photos taken because moisturizer and makeup will easily glide onto your skin. Your skin will look youthful and hydrated. I use this facial whenever my skin looks dull or tired. I’m always happy with the results. It’s also a good idea to rotate your facials, so your skin doesn’t develop immunity to the treatments."

Read the post and get all the details for that porcelain skin look. Also read this post on how to tighten your skin naturally.

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