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Are you looking for ways to make money from home?  Have you thought about writing articles? Do you know how to write an article? Article writing has a low entry cost and can do very well for you. But before you sit down to write you need a business plan. Don’t think about this as writing articles to make money. Think of it as creating a article writing business.


A business should be well defined before it is launched. You’re going to create a product so define what your product will be. Define how it can make money for you. In this case articles are your product. So look at different ways to make money with your articles. 

How to make money with articles

There are 2 main approaches you can take:

(1) Write articles and sell them. This is the ‘manufacturing’ approach. Your input is the cost of manufacture and you get fair value back for your effort when you sell it. To get more money you create more articles.

(2) Find a way to use your articles to make money without giving up ownership. Your articles become assets in a business and continue to make money for you over time.

It’s your choice. Some people are happy to be paid for their skill and effort. Do a days work and get paid for it.

They don’t want the risk and complication of building a business around their articles – usually a blog. They want or need to be paid on delivery and not at some undefined point in the future.

Others take a longer term perspective. They see articles as money making assets. Make them once and get paid for them many times over. Sounds great, but it’s high risk and takes longer. You might not see a return for a long time unless you’re paying for traffic to your blog. You might never see a return.

Which should you choose?

If you need money right now, option 1 is your choice. If you’re a competent writer you can start making money with articles within a month or two. Once you know how to write an article you will do well.

If the money’s not urgent and you feel you have something to say to the world then start a blog or write a book. If thats you the rest of this post is not for you. I’m talking to the aspiring freelance article writer here.


So what are you good at? Its always faster and easier to write about something you know. If you’re a specialist and there’s a market for your niche,  you’re in business. You can find markets for almost any niche if you look hard enough, but really small and obscure niches are going to handicap your earning potential.

But you don’t have to to be an expert in any specific field. Be versatile. You can write usefully in almost any field if its not too technical. There’s a wealth of free information on the internet and its easy to find. Learn to research fast and effectively. You’ll soon be able to write articles in a range of different topics.

You will find more work if you’re comfortable to writing about a variety of topics. Remember to charge more if you need to research an article because of the extra time needed.

Research technique

Here’s how I research and create the article.

  • look up the information online
  • copy and paste relevant segments or paragraphs from the web into a text editor
  • color them red and leave a space between each segment
  • write your own version of each segment in the spaces between the pasted segments in black
  • when you’re happy with your own copy, delete the red segments
  • check your copy for readability and relevance
  • publish

Credit authors or publications at the end of your article or in the text with an asterisk and footnote.

Using different colors ensures you avoid duplicate content problems when your article is published online.

How to write an article

You don’t have to be a Shakespeare to write great articles. Articles are about information. Clarity and readability are the prime concerns.

I find the best approach is to write a first draft quickly using the technique outlined in the bullet points above. Don’t worry about style in the first draft – just get the relevant information down. When you’ve covered everything leave your draft for 24 hours.

When you come back and read through your draft again you’ll see things you can improve instantly. Concentrate on removing whats unnecessary. Shorten and tighten.


Replace as soon as with when

Replace the best approach to with its best to

Replace has to with must

Avoid verbosity – don’t use initial – use first

Keep your sentences and paragraphs short. Split them up into shorter sentences and paragraphs where possible. The brain absorbs short pieces of information better.

Separate all the sections in your article into self contained segments which can stand on their own. A long block of uninterrupted text is intimidating to the reader.

Add tables and graphs if they serve a purpose. Keep them as  simple and easy to read and understand.

Go above and beyond. When something is ‘good enough’ make it better.

When appropriate add relevant images.

How to find work

Responding to job ads on job boards is the best way to find work when you’re new. There’s no bidding. You will either be asked for a rate or the job ad will specify one. Many job boards are free. If you’re asked for a rate don’t undersell yourself. Do some research to find out what prevailing rates are for new writers. Use that as a guide.

Here’s a short list of free job boards

You can also sign up with sites like Fiverr and Upwork where people go to find freelancers for specific jobs. You’ll need to establish a presence and some ratings on these sites to get work.  Try doing some work for free in exchange for a review or get friends to buy a job from you and give them back the money. You need good reviews.

Potential customers need to know that you know how to write an article.

Visit other vendors on these sites to see what their rates are. Come in under these rates to establish yourself then raise your rates as you start getting more work.

Ask friends and family who own small businesses if you can help out with ads or brochures.

Brand yourself. Get a domain name preferably with your own name. Get a variant of it if your name is not available.

Start a website about you and your work. Put samples of your work on the site. Show them you know how to write an article.

Don’t forget to build a social media presence for your site and brand.

Join relevant Facebook groups and network in these groups

Get testimonials wherever and whenever you can.

Finding work is not difficult for a competent writer. There’s a huge demand for good content.

Always ASK FOR TESTIMONIALS if clients like your work.


So there you have it. You know how to write an article! Article writing can be a very successful and satisfying home business. I’m going to give you my last tip here. This is what I would do.

I would adopt both approaches. Start out writing articles for clients and get some money coming in. This will boost your confidence and your article writing skills. When you have steady clients that like your work and are buying regularly… take a little time off and start building your brand and web presence with a blog.

You can showcase your work here and generate income from your blog at the same time. So get writing and make it happen. Best of luck!

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Thanks to Elna Cain

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