Get more sleep

A minimum of  8 hours of sleep per night is crucial. One of the biggest causes of red eyes is tired eyes. Your eyes need a good break in a dark room every night to recover and rejuvenate. Without enough sleep your eyes will never feel or look good.


Its always a great idea to supplement your diet with quality vitamin and mineral supplements to whiten eye naturally. Fish oil supplements and omega 3 capsules are great for eye health


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Drink more water

This is a big one. Most of us don’t drink enough water. Eyes are very moist organs and need a good water supply to stay healthy. If you have dry eyes you have red eyes. Simple. Drink more water and whiten eyes naturally


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Don’t strain your eyes

Computer screens and televisions are the worst culprits here. Be sensible and try to limit your exposure. Straining to read small text for a long time will damage your eyes. If you find you are struggling to read you may need prescription glasses. This also applies to medium and long distance vision. The right glasses will save your eyes a lot of strain.

Eye irritants

The main culprits here are smoke, pollen and dust. Cigarette smoke is particularly bad. Avoid  poorly ventilated spaces where people smoke (bars etc.) and don’t smoke. Pollen and dust are harder to avoid and its important to identify what is irritating your eyes in any situation so you can avoid it in the future.

Use these simple techniques to whiten your eyes naturally. Remember, your eyes will tell you when they’re overworked and need a break. Listen to this message and give them a break. Treat them with respect and they will reward you with a lifetime of good service.