How to grow a massive sweet potato harvest in DIY containers

Going a little off track today. I found this amazing article about how to grow sweet potatoes in plastic DIY containers. I thought this justified a place here because this really is a 'green' way to produce a chemical free 'organic' sweet potato crop.

"Often people say you can’t grow certain things certain ways. So, when last summer I decided to leave a single leftover sweet potato that I was using to create slips for field planting in the starting tote, I knew I was going against the grain. The tote was about half full already with a mixture of our homemade compost, coir, and worm castings – a nice, rich, water retentive mixture that we use as our go to for seed starting and other such purposes."

how to grow sweet potatoes

There's a very comprehensive description of exactly how Jon Moody goes about this fascinating exercise if you want to try this yourself. Here's a small excerpt to whet your appetite. How to grow sweet potatoes in a way you've never seen before.

It All Started With Some Free Mineral Tubs

In rural areas, farms with large animals use a fair number of these each month, especially if the farm operation is large and has lots of animals. Instead of a one-way trip to the landfill, we collect them and use them for all sorts of farm projects – storage, worm composting, soil block mixing, and container growing, among many other options. 

The Big Two For Sweet Potato Success – Fertility and Water

Unlike field growing, containers present two unique challenges. First, need supplemental water, especially for a water hungry crop like sweet potatoes. Now, when the plants are small, the totes don’t need nearly as much water as they will use in late July and August, when you are dealing with a dozen or more square feet of leaves all needing liquid to convert that sunlight into sweet potatoes.

You'll need read the full post and see the remarkable results achievable using this method. Hit the button below for all the details.

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