How to eat less – 7 easy hacks

How to eat less with these 7 easy hacks

Easy ways to to eat less with these psychological hacks.


Keep Your Kitchen tidy

Dr. B. Wansink, head of Cornell University Food and Brand Lab, says a tidy kitchen can help you eat less. Tests show that in households with a clean and tidy kitchen the same people eat 44 per cent less than they do in a disorganized and untidy kitchen. He calls this ‘licensing’. The rationale is if people are in a messy chaotic environment they lose some of their inherent self discipline and eat more.

Smart Snacks

To keep you away from the food court keep healthy snacks likes nuts, bananas, and wholegrain crackers in your desk drawer at work and at home. If you work from your car – keep them in the glove box.

Shop for Food Online

Impulse buying at the supermarket can be dangerous. Visual stimulation is a powerful driver of thoughtless purchases. Shop online to remove this temptation. The imagery is less seductive.

 Stay Hydrated

Want to know how to eat less using water? Drink two glasses of water with ice cubes before your meal You can add a slice of lemon or lime. Water occupies volume in your stomach and tricks your brain into thinking you are full. So you eat less.

Curb Kitchen Comforts

If you have comfortable chairs, a TV or  other reason to spend more time in your kitchen, remove them. The less time you spend there the better. Keep your kitchen functional and socialize somewhere else.

Eat off Smaller Plates

The Journal of the Association for Consumer Research says doubling plate size increases food consumption by 44%.  Smaller plates reduced consumption by the same amount. There’s a psychological effect which tells your brain you have a lot of food if the plate is full. So use small plates.

Start your Meal with Soup

Here’s another way to fool your stomach into thinking you are full. A big bowl of vegetable soup at the start of your meal will curb your hunger and you’ll eat less. This might not be how you want to start your meal but your body will love you for it.

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