The foolproof way to monetize blogging

Ok so you have a blog and you're getting some traffic... thats great! Most first time bloggers don't even get that far. I have argued in another post that blogging is not necessarily the best way to start out in online marketing, but it's not the worst either. If thats the route you have chosen, the next step is the tough one. You now need to monetize your blog and get a return on all that hard work you have put in. 

So what do most first time bloggers do at this point? They adopt the 'scatter gun' approach. They have an idea of some of the options available and start throwing these around wherever there's some free space available on their blog. An affiliate offer here... some Adsense over there... a banner at the top of the page - you know the kind of thing. Then they sit back and wait for the money to come rolling in. And mostly it doesn't.

So why is that? Here's the cold hard truth.

"Bloggers who build blogs make no money. Bloggers who build businesses   can make serious money"

David Risley from the Blog marketing Academy is responsible for that quote and in this comprehensive blog post he shows you exactly how to do that. Here's the mission statement.

If you’re OK being one of the 90+% of bloggers out there who make less than a dollar a day blogging, feel free to leave.

If you’re OK with using your time tweaking Adsense tags or finding new places to stuff affiliate links all around your blog, you can go now.

If you’re OK living on the content hamster wheel, where you constantly have to just create new content over and over and over again, spending what’s left of your time “engaging” on social media and dreaming up new “epic” content… all to make roughly 1% of your monthly page views back in income (which is pretty average)… then by all means, hit that back button and have fun out there.

I’m here to play a different game.

I like to do what works.

If you are as well, let’s get started…

David takes no prisoners in this hard hitting piece. But its all great actionable content and it makes so much sense. He continues...

"What follows is a road map to how to really use a blog to make money. It is powerful, it is based on tried and true principles, and it is efficient.

This is a business system.

It also happens to be based on the same kind of business system that you’ve seen all over the place. You’ve seen countless online businesses do it, but you will have seen it in a ton of offline businesses as well. Everything from Amazon to insurance to car dealerships – you name it.

To preface this system, let’s lay a few ground rules…

  1. Realize the truth that blogs don’t make money. Businesses make money.
  2. Money will get made by gaining customers.
  3. The only way to gain a customer is to sell them something.
  4. In order to sell them something, you’ll need to gain their attention first

A business makes money by solving a problem for people or filling a demand. It does this via a product or service."

I can see at this point that some you might be thinking "so why did I create a blog at all?". Well don't panic. If you have a blog up and running and with good traffic you are well ahead in the game. if your blog is in a good marketable niche thats even better. What you're going to learn from this post is how to use the traffic you're getting to your blog to make sales.

Grab this great guide to digital marketing

If you don't have a blog up and running yet, David has some valuable advice for you to consider before you start. Among the various  slices of great information I found this gem of a quote...

Anybody who advises you to start your online business solely based on your passion is just blowing fairy dust up your butt.

This is an incredibly detailed and comprehensive post. There really is nothing left out and if you're having problems making money from your blog that already has traffic you should not miss this one. There's a free downloadable hard copy of the exact business model he discusses. There is also an Amazon affiliate link below for the best book about blogging I have ever read. This has to be in your library if you want to move forward fast with blogging. Also read Mark Grays incredible blog building magic on Kindle here for free!

Also have a look at How to write articles and make money.

You can read the original post HERE

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