How to deal with your crush not liking you back

This is a really tough situation that just about everybody has gone through at some point in their lives. The worst thing about it is that it plays havoc with your own self esteem. You make the assumption that you're simply not good enough in that other persons eyes and because you're 'in love' with them their opinion is the only opinion that matters.

And  worse than that... because you are feeling miserable and worthless you become less attractive and the whole thing becomes a self fulfilling prophesy.

This is a nice article by Akshay published in about this dilemma. He gives some really solid advice on how to get through this situation and come out the other side. 

"Everyone has experienced unrequited love at least once, and recovery from unrequited and painful love can take a while. It is not easy to find a cure for a broken heart. It is necessary to confront them and stop idealizing a person for whom we suffer. Yes, unfortunately, unrequited love is quite common, even among those who had long ago emerged from teen years.

Of course, to face that these feelings are not reciprocated is quite painful and not easy. You have probably analyzed the situation a thousand times and thought that this certainly would not have happened if you’re a hot and leggy blonde but trust us, no person has not experienced unrequited love."


The fastest way to get through this situation is to acknowledge and accept that no matter what you do, you cannot change this situation. Don't fool yourself thinking that that he or she will change their mind and fall in love with you. If they have already had the opportunity and turned you down, accept and respect that decision because most often it comes from their heart and without malice.

Akshay puts it like this... 

"The hardest thing about overcoming the unhappy love is to realize that this person doesn’t like you in the same way that you like her. Acceptance of this knowledge may be the first, but also the most difficult step to take. If you like some guy, and you might even love him, if he doesn’t feel the same you cannot force him to love you, no matter how hard you try"

Here's a last thought... If you have ever turned somebody down in the same way you are being turned down right now, that person probably went through the same pain you're going through now. You caused that pain inadvertently and without malice. Recognize that your own pain now is not unique even though it feels that way now. It will pass and probably sooner than you think. Don't dwell on your pain. Don't feed it with maudlin self pity. Go forward in your life and hold your head high. Great things lie ahead for you.

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