Cute things to text to your girlfriend

12 Crazy cute things to text to your girlfriend


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For a girl there’s something  very special about getting a cute text from the man she loves. It’s personal and intimate and its hers. She owns it. And because it’s there on her phone she can go back and enjoy it again and again. A sweet and simple text message can be the key to your girls heart if you get it right. You need to know some cute things to text to your girlfriend.

So if you’re the man sending the text… here’s some inspiration.


“My whole world is perfect now because my whole world is you”

“If you’re not doing anything tonight can we do it together?”

“Every day I get out of bed with a big smile on my face… because of you”

“The only thing I want to change about you is your last name”

Do you know what the very best thing in my life is? It’s the second word of this text

“The only way I could ever hurt you is by hugging you too tightly”

“I don’t want to sleep because my reality is so much better than my dreams – I love you”

“my world is perfect because you are my world”

“Sweet dreams… I hope I’m in them”

“You got a to do list? Put me in it”

“Can you send me a picture? My friends don’t believe in angels”

“Hey, check your pockets… I think you’ve got my heart”


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So you have inspiration now for those cute things to text to your girlfriend. Go ahead and do it on your own if you if you’re confident and you know you can delight her and make her laugh.

Or just grab something from this list and use it. Some might need some input from you like her name or your pet name for her.

Try not to get too clever… she might end up not ‘getting’ the humor and wondering what you mean. Remember, you want to delight her with your text – not trying to figure out what you mean.

And keep it light always. These are cute things to text to your girlfriend –  nothing heavyweight needed. Also check out these crush quotes.


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