Everything you love about apple pie baked in under an hour

Apple pie has a special place in all (well nearly all) our hearts and apple pie deserves that place. There really is nothing that comes close to a well made apple pie for 'hitting the spot' at the end of a good meal. Here's a very special recipe for a Swedish apple pie from Gwen Ihnat on The Takeout, shared by Virginia K. Smith to Lifehacker. There's some background before the recipe is divulged.

I have a long history of apple mania, often stemming from apple-picking adventures or an apple surplus from my CSA box. Consequently, over the years I’ve made countless apple sauces, cakes, cobblers—but usually pies. A few months ago I went off on a soul-searching pie-crust-making mission, and I do feel more ready than I ever have to make my own pies from scratch

But those are usually weekend pursuits, when I have time to roll out dough and chill it for a few hours. Other times, I want a homemade apple pie right now, dammit, and and I’m not willing to wait. Years ago I came across a recipe online for a Swedish apple pie. Now it’s become my go-to, as it couldn’t be simpler. (In fact, if you want to give Allrecipes the click, please do so now.) It basically involves pouring a sugar cookie-like batter over apples to cook as an easy yet delicious crust.

apple pie

Here's the recipe. Pretty simple I'm sure you'll agree. Have a go at it and let me know how it goes in the comments.

Just chop up a bunch of apples (you don’t even have to peel them), toss with a little sugar and cinnamon, and pour into a buttered pie plate. Separately, mix a cup of sugar, a cup of flour, an egg, more cinnamon, and melted butter into a bowl and mix until it resembles a cookie batter. Pour and spread over the apples. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 40 to 45 minutes, and done. Really, this is more of a buckle or crumble, but the flavors are classically apple pie.

I baked a few of these pies this morning, so that the kids could have the best breakfast ever (from the worst parent ever) and then brought the other one in for my co-workers. Second breakfast! The reviews were all raves; as one taster noted, it’s not too sweet, yet still absolutely delicious. A couple of turns of this recipe and, like me, you’ll have it memorized.

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