About Life Hacks

My Life Hacker is just what it says – simple life hacks, tips and fixes for your problems or just stuff you want to learn how to do. I know that’s a big field but I am going to add great content as fast as I can and I’ll also be outsourcing to boost content growth.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for here leave me a message on the ‘contact’ page and I will add content on that subject if it has a broad enough appeal. But you don’t have to come here to find something specific. Come and browse and you should find stuff you did not know but you can use. Life hacks are just that. Small pieces of knowledge you can use to make your life easier, cheaper or more fun.

If you have life hacks of your own which work well for you, please share them here. You can let me know about them through the Contact page and I will add them to the site. You’ll get credited for them in the article and also get a link back to your site if it’s useful to our readers in the context of your tip.

My Life Hacker can be a great way for you to drive traffic to your site if you contribute your own hacks to the site regularly.

I will make every effort to check on the tips we publish to ensure that they are what they say. But in the unlikely event that a tip turns out to be bad or incorrect advice – we cannot accept any liability for that. It’s your choice to use or don’t use anything you find here. We won’t publish anything that is technical in any way and which might cause loss, damage or place anyone in danger. This is not a technical resource in any way.

I really want you to enjoy the life hacks you find here and I want you you to be able to make your own lives a little easier by using them. Please visit regularly and engage with comments and submitting new tips.

You don’t need to come here only to find solutions to your problems. Just by browsing the site something might catch your eye and you could learn something really useful.

Thanks for reading this and hope to see you here soon!


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