9 Dental health myths you should stop believing now

This is crazy! Just about everything I believed about keeping my teeth healthy and strong turns out to be nonsense. I printed this list out and showed it to my dentist and she agreed with all 9 of the points made. So there you go... read this and find out what you should be doing to look after your teeth. I'll give you 2 of the myths and a link to read the whole article in the original.

Dental Health Myth #1: The More Sugar You Eat, The Worse It is For Your Teeth

Yes, sugar can cause cavities on your teeth. However, having tooth cavities is not much about the amount of sugar you consume, but how long it stays in your mouth. 

Sugar creates acid that wears away the enamel of your tooth. So, if sugar stays longer in your mouth, the more it produces acid and the more chances your teeth will have cavities. Thus, after eating sugary food, you should brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash.

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Dental Health Myth #4: Flossing is Unnecessary

"Some folks out there consider flossing unnecessary and a waste of time. They argue that brushing is enough. Unfortunately, experts say that brushing your teeth is not sufficient. You should include flossing in your oral health regimen. It’s because there are parts in your mouth that your toothbrush may find hard to reach. That would amount to 33 percent of your mouth uncleaned. To achieve optimal oral health, make it a habit to floss your teeth."

Read the whole post and be astonished... hit the button below. Also check out these easy ways to lose weight and how to eat less. Also check out this great book on the links between diet and dental health. (affiliate link)

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