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How to nail that job interview

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Do your homework

How much time do you have before that big job interview? If you have a week or more…  here’s how to use it.

Sign up for Google alerts on your phone or PC and set up alerts for the relevant field or industry. Get up to date on current news and developments in that industry.

Then set alerts for the company that’s interviewing you and their competition. If you can speak knowledgeably about these things at the interview, you’ll impress them immediately. A great start.

Get some nice business cards

Pay a little more for some nice business cards. Don’t design them yourself. Rather find some nice examples to take to the printer and show them what you want. Keep them simple and clean.

You will hand these out to whoever is interviewing you and all other people you meet there. This is a great way to stay front of mind with them.

Make a cheat sheet

This is not what you think. You’re not going to be looking down at this during the interview like you’ve lost your memory.

You’re going to prepare a short document briefly describing two accomplishments you’re proud of. Preferably these are things you achieved at your last job or jobs. If this is your first job interview you can detail accomplishments from your college/university. Work on one individual accomplishment and one team accomplishment if you can. 

If you don’t get the opportunity to pass on this information during the interview, hand it out out at the end. This is a great way to present your potential employer with a resume of  your highlights and achievements without looking like you’re bragging.

Schedule with care

Candidates interviewed earlier get the job more often. Its proven. Do whatever you can to get one of the early spots. You want to be interviewed by people who are fresh from a good nights sleep – rather than tired from a long day of interviews. Not easy to achieve… but try and grab an early spot.

Right before the interview

Go into the job interview in the right state of mind. Don’t spend 2 hours panicking and walk in a nervous wreck. Rather get yourself down to the gym before your interview, do 15 minutes of hard cardio then take a good shower. If you can’t get to a gym, do it at home.

This is important. You need to dissipate nervous energy you have built up. It’s normal to be nervous before an interview. Almost everyone is.  Working out will help you calm down. It gets your blood flowing and puts you in a positive frame of mind.

Just don’t forget to shower 🙂 

Fuel up properly

Stay away from coffee. Coffee is diuretic and sucks the moisture from your body. You end up dehydrated with a dry mouth which makes it hard to talk. Rather eat some fruit. Apples are great for energy and leave your mouth fresh. Follow up with a glass of water.

Chew some mint gum to freshen your breath, but be sure to get rid of it before you walk in to the interview.

Practice your posture

Spend some time in front of a mirror and practice how you will walk into the interview. Practice how you’ll stand before you’re invited you to sit. Most people have no idea how they look in different positions. Those not gifted with great posture or elegance can look awkward or slovenly. Put in some practice and get this right. Brand Yourself.

Study the job proposal

The company interviewing you wants somebody to fulfill a specific role. Study the job description to find out what that role is. Then do the research to find the best way to fulfill that role. Get our guide to learning anything fast.

Put your ideas down on paper in a neat concise manner. At an appropriate moment in the job interview itself hand the document over with a brief explanation of the contents.You’ll impress them enormously.

But be 100% sure what the role is. You may have misread the job description.

During the interview

People like to employ nice people. So when you walk into the building – be nice to everyone you see. Smile at them.

Greet your interviewers with a smile and a firm handshake. Introduce yourself and listen carefully to their names when they introduce themselves.

Make a big effort to connect. This is not an exam where you fill in the answers. You have to connect with your interviewers on a human level. Chances are they will help you with some initial small talk. Take them up on it and take part enthusiastically.

Let them guide you as to when the job interview proper will start. One of them will.  When they do, sit up slightly and look attentive.

Body language

Body language is real. When people give you signals with their body, mirror this with your own body in a subtle and natural way. You are acknowledging them and what they say by doing this. You establish a synchronicity which they will sense and appreciate. You should feel this too.

Maintain eye contact with whoever is speaking.

Don’t fidget. Fidgeting shows boredom and nervousness. Its a job interview killer.

Look directly into the eyes of the person interviewing you. Show them you are invested in this and it means a lot to you.

Turn it around

When you get the chance, turn the tables and ask your own questions. This is a level playing field and both parties need to know if this is a good match. Do this respectfully. Show an intelligent interest in what the position is offering for you. Show you are ambitious and want to go far with them. People respect ambition.

Before you leave

Start your follow up before you leave. Look for signals that the job interview is drawing to a close and choose a moment to tell them you are really interested in the position if you are. Say something like I would love an opportunity to work with a dynamic company like yours and I hope you choose me for this position” .

Make it clear you want this position and it excites you. This is crucial – companies want to employ and work with motivated and driven people.

Don’t walk away

Ask them what are the next step is. Don’t leave without some micro commitment from them that you are in with a chance – if you are. You should be able to tell at this point whether you are by how they respond. Read the signs and react appropriately.

The interview is over now. Don’t make the mistake of continuing to sell your self at this point. Withdraw in a friendly manner and thank them for their time.

“I look forward to hearing from you soon and thank you for your time” will do nicely.

Follow this formula and you will greatly increase the chances of getting that job you want.

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Good Luck!

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