100 reasons why I love you

Evan Marc Katz from from evanmarckatz.com came up with this list to tell his wife 'why I love you'.  It was on the 10th anniversary of their wedding he decided to do that and share it with the rest of us. I think its pretty cool. I also think its interesting because in reality there are a load of different reasons we love our partners, but we're not really aware of them because we haven't thought about it - and we should think about it.

It's a great thing to list the reasons we love our partners because we begin to realize just how lucky most of us are. To get you going on this I'm going to give you some candidates from Marc's list. Use these to inspire you to come up with a list of your own.

You always have floss with you.

You let me read bedtime stories to the kids every night.

You know how to turn on the pool heater and filter since I don’t.

You make a generous effort to visit my family whenever we can.

You have separate washes for blacks, colors and lights.

You say yes to all social plans – and consider whether I want to be part of them.

You encourage me to see my guy friends.

You are the pioneer of the Mad Libs Dance Challenge.

why I love you

Ok some of these are a little cliche'd I know, but there are 100 of them and they get better. I read through the whole collection and there were a whole of things I found that did make me think. You can see the whole list in the link further down the page. Also read some great relationship tips here and get the top selling book about love in Amazon. I do get a small commission if you buy so thanks in advance!

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You are really fun, considering you’re the not-fun parent.

 You will always go out of your way to help a friend.

 You validate me when I say I need more quality time with you.

 You appreciate how much I want to provide for the family.

  You offer me fair criticism in ways that I can always handle.

  You drive six hours in a day for a weekend without the kids.

  You make a mean gazpacho.

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