10 rules for raising mentally strong kids

It's important to raise kids that are ready to take on the challenges and setbacks they they will face in their lives. Courage and resilience are the 2 core qualities they need. This allows them to accept setbacks with equanimity with a calm belief that they can overcome their problems (affiliate link) They will see life as a positive experience. They will be optimists and move forward in life with their heads held high. 

Your role as a parent is to instill these qualities in your children through example and guidance. In this wonderful article by Amy Morin published in verywellfamily.com she gives us a list of 10 clear rules to help you raise mentally strong kids. I'll give you some of the rules here and a link to read the original at the end. Also check out this post.

Teach Specific Skills

Discipline should be about teaching your kids to do better next time, not making them suffer for their mistakes. Use consequences that teach specific skills, such as problem-solving skillsimpulse control, and self-discipline. These skills will help your child learn to behave productively, even when he’s faced with temptation, tough circumstances, and difficult setbacks."

This next one is terribly important. Your child needs to know that its natural and normal to make mistakes. Its part of the human experience. It's also ok to suggest in a calm way that if they maybe took a little more time over what they were doing at the time they might not have made the mistake (if thats the case). You should 'read' the situation and react to what the circumstances are. All you must expect from them is that they are trying and not rushing carelessly through whatever they're doing.

Let Your Child Make Mistakes

Teach your child that mistakes are part of the learning process so he doesn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed about getting something wrong. Allow for natural consequences when it’s safe to do so and talk about how to avoid repeating the same mistake next time."

Below you will find an Amazon link to Amy Morins wonderful book about mentally strong parenting. Get it, its great. You'll also find a link to her blog post. 

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